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The Executive Director for each contract can make changes to their authorized user accounts. For questions regarding CMS user accounts, please contact the Data & Evaluation Team at DCYF at cmssupport@dcyf.org.

DCYF Data and Evaluation Feedback Survey

Click on the link below to provide anonymous feedback on DCYF's CMS and/or the Youth Experience Surveys! Survey link will be open year-round so that you can provide feedback in a timely fashion. DCYF will monitor feedback year-round as well, but planning for potential changes to data and evaluation tools will take place in the Spring of each year.

DCYF Data and Evaluation Feedback Survey

FY2018-2023 CMS Tutorials on YouTube

Please click on the links below for assistance with entering data into DCYF's new FY2018-2023 CMS.

How to Submit a Workplan

How to Complete the Budget Form of the Workplan

How to Submit Invoices

Part 1: How to Register Participants

Part 2: How to Create Activities

Part 3: How to Enter Attendance

Part 4: How to Run Reports

How to Upload Data

FY2018-2023 Youth Experience Survey Tutorials on YouTube

Overview of FY18-23 Youth Experience Surveys

How to Administer and Submit FY18-23 Youth Surveys


Thursday, October 3, 2019
The October Data Cafe is scheduled for October 24th from 9am - noon. Attend one for help with completing your FY2019-2020 Workplan or for general training on the CMS! Please click the link below for more information and to register.
October Data Cafe
Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Why Are Some of My Youth Showing Up As Incomplete Registrations? Youth who were in SFUSD schools last year but are no longer attending SFUSD schools have been automatically converted to an non-SFUSD record. As such, their educational info will need to be updated manually. If they return to an SFUSD school, their record will be automatically converted to an SFUSD record and their educational info will be overwritten by what is in school district records.

For non-SFUSD youth, 19-20 educational fields are blank and are now available for completion. These fields will need to be filled in for registration to be considered 'complete'.

Questions? Please email dataevalsupport@dcyf.org.