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The Executive Director for each contract can make changes to their authorized user accounts. For questions regarding CMS user accounts, please contact the Data & Evaluation Team at DCYF at cmssupport@dcyf.org.

DCYF Data and Evaluation Feedback Survey

Click on the link below to provide anonymous feedback on DCYF's CMS and/or the Youth Experience Surveys! Survey link will be open year-round so that you can provide feedback in a timely fashion. DCYF will monitor feedback year-round as well, but planning for potential changes to data and evaluation tools will take place in the Spring of each year.

DCYF Data and Evaluation Feedback Survey

FY2018-2023 CMS Tutorials on YouTube

Please click on the links below for assistance with entering data into DCYF's new FY2018-2023 CMS.

How to Submit a Workplan

How to Complete the Budget Form of the Workplan

How to Submit Invoices

Part 1: How to Register Participants

Part 2: How to Create Activities

Part 3: How to Enter Attendance

Part 4: How to Run Reports

How to Upload Data

FY2018-2023 Youth Experience Survey Tutorials on YouTube

Overview of FY18-23 Youth Experience Surveys

How to Administer and Submit FY18-23 Youth Surveys


Saturday, February 15, 2020
All attendance data up to December 31st is due Feb 15. All attendance data up to December 31 must be entered into CMS by 2/15. This data will be referenced in DCYF’s mid-year performance report to the City Controller’s Office. For any questions please contact your Program Specialist or dataevalsupport@dcyf.org.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020
February 11, 2020 Data Cafe. The February Data Cafe will take place Tuesday, Feb 11, from 9-noon at the DCYF office. Please come for one-on-one training in using the CMS, technical assistance in troubleshooting CMS data, workplans and invoices, etc. Click here to register.